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The Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department was officially organized on April 20, 1955. Twenty-five concerned men joined together to form the department for the protection of their village and township. At the time of their organization, the nearest fire protection was located in Hayesville, Ohio. 

Officers for the department were: Stanley Bracken, Chief; Nick Mott, Assistant Chief; Dahmert Banks, Captain; Paul Switzer, 1st Lieutenant; Marlyn Purvis, 2nd Lieutenant; Russell Myers, Secretary - Treasurer. 

Trustees were Lloyd Koogle, Herman Gimble, and Charles Landfried.


A brief History of the Mifflin Volunteer Fire Department
Cited from the 1968 Mifflin Volunteer Fire Department pictorial directory


In 1940 the Mifflin Inn burnt for the third time. It was eight years later that the first equipment was purchased. Until that time a bucket brigade was used.

In 1948 the village purchased a converted Model "A" truck. The truck had two small tanks plus pulled the tank trailer.

In September 1954 Mifflin had its first Home Coming to raise funds for a new pumper.

In 1955 a high pressure 60 gallon per minute fog pump was purchased. This truck, a 1945 Chevrolet was built by the Mack Corporation for the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II. It was used in Tennessee on a base similar to the Shelby Depot. This truck was still in fine working order in 1968 and was used on all grass fires.

Stanley Bracken was appointed chief in 1955. He was one of the organizers of the Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department and was the backbone of the department for several years until retiring in 1965.

In 1958, the department purchased a 1,800-gallon tanker in addition to ordering a 1959 International pumper built by the Howe Apparatus Company. The new 750 gallon per minute waterous pump and a 60 gallon per minute Myers pump (high pressure) were installed and the truck was delivered in 1959.

About this same time the firemen were working day and night on their new Firehouse located on SR 603 in Mifflin. Masonry work was hired but the rest of the station was built by the fireman. They spent over 1000 man hours and $6,106 to erect the building. In 1959 the deed to the firehouse was given to the township trustees as well as the titles to the trucks. The Fire company at this time had 35 fire members and 7 trained first aiders.

In 1964 a Buick Ambulance was purchased from the Perrysville Fire Department. This 1948 ambulance was traded for a 1959 Cadillac High Boy Ambulance in 1966. It was purchased with funds made at the Mifflin Sesqui-Centennial being donated by the Mifflin Lions Club, Mifflin Village Gardenettes, and the Mifflin Firemen.

A fire Department Auxillary was formed in 1966 with 13 members. Since then they have served the fire members on many occasions including the Ashland County Fire Members. They have purchased the First Aid Kit for the Ambulance from the Mansfield Ambulance Service, purchased face shields for all of the helmets, purchased warning alarms for all of the Scott Air Packs, as well as doing most of the leg work on compiling this book.

We have just recently switched the tanker on to a 1959 International chassis. Our #1 Pumper is a 1959 International, our #2 Pumper is a 1945 Chevrolet, the #3 Tanker is a 1959 International, and our Ambulance a 1959 Cadillac. We are proud of our equipment and hope you are also.

Current Happenings

In 2015 a new firehouse expansion was built to house the new 2016 truck which was completed and brought to the department on January 20, 2017.

In 2016 the Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department received the 2015 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant for approximately $130,000. This grant was used to replace all of the air packs and replaced many dated hoses and nozzles. This along with receiving a $10,000 grant from the Fire Marshals Office for new turnout gear, made 2016 a very successful year. 


1955 Charter Members

Dahmert Banks
Stanley Bracken
Darrell Brewer
Gerald Carpenter
Robert Cole
Ted Cole
Clifford Echelberger
Dale Echelberger
Joseph Emanuel, Sr.
Herman Gimble
Waldo Hale
Morgan Hartman

Harold Hedges
Lloyd Koogle
Charles Landfried
Donald Latimer
Nick Mott
Russell Myers
Marlyn Purvis
Donald Shannon
William Stafford
Charles Stringfellow
Paul Switzer
Sam Whitcomb

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