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Ohio State Fire Marshall Grant:

Division of the Fire Marshal, Ohio Department of Commerce.
Awarded to the Mifflin Fire Department in May 2016.
Total Grant of $10,000 for replacement of 5 sets of Firefighter protective gear. (NFPA rules require the replacement of firefighter protective gear every 10 years)

Fireland’s Electric People Fund Inc.:

The Fireland’s Electric People Fund awarded the Mifflin Fire Department $6,368.45 to purchase hand tools, appliance fittings, and a generator light plant to be used on the new Fire Engine.
Awarded to the Mifflin Fire Department in March 2017

F.E.M.A. Grant:

Assistance to Firefighters Grant
Awarded to the Mifflin Fire Department in July 2016
The total Grant is for $132,301 for the replacement of fire hose & appliances, and the replacement of 14 S.C.B.A. (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) with masks for each Firefighter and extra air bottles.
Actual Federal money - $127,430
5% matching funds required - $6,731

E.M.S. Grant:
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Awarded to the Mifflin Fire Department in July 2016
Total Grant of $2,500
For the purchase of non-disposable EMS equipment, related EMS certification courses, and EMS training programs.
This Grant is a reimbursement to the township. Proof of purchase of approved equipment and training is sent to ODPS with funds sent back adding up to the Grant amount.

2016 Grants:
Through the diligent efforts of members of the Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department, and with the total support and assistance of the Mifflin Board of Trustees. In the calendar year of 2016 these efforts have successfully brought in a total of $144,801.

2016 Donations:
The Mifflin Fire Department received the donation of a LUCAS 2 mechanical CPR device through the generosity of the Samaritan Foundation and University Hospitals. Value of $15,000
The Mifflin Fire Department received the donation of a used LIFEPAK 12 Monitor/Defibrillator with 12 Lead Transmission capability and Capnography. This allows EMT’s to transmit a 12 lead EKG from the field directly to a receiving hospital and/or cardiologist.
Donated by University Hospitals
Value of $15,000

Smoke Detector Program
The Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department and The American Red Cross has partnered together to provide home smoke detectors for the residents of Mifflin Township and Village. Each household can receive 3 free smoke detectors.
The smoke detectors must be installed in your home by a Mifflin Firefighter.
Forms for The American Red Cross must be completed when installation is done to certify the installation(s)

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