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The Mifflin Community Volunteer Fire Department offers many services including fire prevention, emergency, and safety. Below you will find our current apparatus.



A 2016 Sutphen custom fire engine, 3113 carries six (6) Firefighters to a fire scene or rescue. It carries 1,000 gallons of water, has a 1,250 gpm fire pump. It carries ladders, hose, appliances, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), extra SCBA bottles, scene lighting, ventilation equipment, Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) equipment, basic stabilization tools, and basic leak and spill containment supplies.


A 1991 Pierce custom fire engine, 3111 carries three (3) Firefighters to a fire scene or rescue. It carries 750 gallons of water, has a 1,250 gpm fire pump. It carries ladders, hose, appliances, SCBA and extra SCBA bottles, scene lighting, and a 2,500 gallon portable water tank.



A 1996 Firovac Hawk pumper/tanker built on an International commercial chassis. 3121 carries 2,000 gallons of water, has a 1,000 gpm fire pump for conventional firefighting operations. This vehicle also has a vacuum pump system that allows for rapid filling and dumping of the tank water for fast water shuttle operation. It also carries ladders, hose and appliances, SCBA and spare SCBA bottles, 68 feet of 6 inch hard suction hose and a 2,500 gallon portable water tank.

SQUAD 3131

A 2012 McCoy Miller Rescue Vehicle built on the Ford E-450 with V-10 gas engine. In addition to the normal EMS equipment, 3131 carries a Lifepak monitor/defibrillator with 12 lead transmission capabilities and capnography. It carries a Lucas 2 mechanical CPR device and has video Laryngoscope equipment. 3131 also carries the departments Genesis hydraulic rescue tools and two (2) SCBA.



A 2003 Ford F-350 4WD that can carry 3 firefighters to a scene. It is fitted with a flatbed and a skid unit that has a 250 gallon water tank, small fire pump, and two hose reels. It also carries water cans and hand tools used for wildland fires. It has a small generator and compressor to refill pressurized water cans in the field.


A 2018 4WD Polaris Ranger 900 outfitted with a Fire / Rescue Bed that can carry 85 gallons of water, has a small fire pump and a reel with hose to fight fire in remote locations.

3142 also is capable of drafting small amounts of water from suitable water locations not accessible to other vehicles.  A folding Stokes (Rescue) Basket is carried and can be mounted to the patient platform on the rear of the bed to rescue ill or injured persons. Space is provided to carry additional rescue, medical, or fire equipment as might be needed in a remote location that might otherwise have to be carried on foot. The cab can carry up to three (3) persons. 3142 is equipped with both front and rear electric winches, and also has a snow plow to be used to gain access to remote locations in the winter.
The 2018 Polaris Ranger and the Fire / Rescue bed was purchased totally by a donation from a local family that wanted to thank the Mifflin Fire Department for services provided to their family over the years. The family wishes to remain anonymous.

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