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Ashland County Firefighters Memorial Update

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, The Annual Ashland County Firefighters Memorial Service was not held. The Memorial Site was cleaned and prepared, and the Memorial Wreaths were placed for the Memorial Day weekend.

The following is the reported roster of Firefighters from Ashland County who passed since the last Memorial Service in 2019.

  • John R Wetterau, Ashland County Volunteer Fire Company, Died in the Line of Duty July 4, 1966

  • Harold Dean Kauffman, Ashland Fire Department

  • Bruce L. Bookmyer, Ashland Volunteer Fire Company

  • Don Miller, Sullivan Volunteer Fire Department

  • Lowell Andrew McClure Jr., Hayesville/Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department

  • Joseph Johnson Dalton, Hayesville/Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department

For a PDF version of the information above CLICK HERE.


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